Teaser image - What Is Agtech Branding?

What Is Agtech Branding?

In such an established and revered industry as agriculture, change doesn’t come easy. While progress has never faltered, branding has benefited technology as it is applied to agriculture. Agtech is bringing farming from the industrial age into the digital one and branding is helping organizations communicate those benefits.

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Teaser image - Forbes.com: Farmers Tap Into Consumer Curiosity About Food

Forbes.com: Farmers Tap Into Consumer Curiosity About Food

Forbes.com published an article featuring a recipe for success for diverse agritourism destinations. The article, which included 10 ingredients that make for successful agritourism, was written by 29 Design Studio Founder + CEO Maureen Ballatori.
“For many Americans, particularly those living in urban environments, how food makes it into their homes, supermarkets and restaurants seems almost like magic. When that “magic” broke down during Covid amid food supply chain issues, consumers became even more curious about where food comes from and how to obtain locally sourced products.”[…]

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