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Fostering an ongoing relationship with a scaling food startup

Based in Rochester, New York, Leep Foods uses regenerative practices developed to grow organic specialty mushrooms on American Hardwoods. Over several years, we have worked closely with Leep Foods on big-picture strategy and day-to-day marketing needs. From researching new product possibilities to creating FDA-compliant packaging, managing social media, and developing marketing materials, we’ve truly become entrenched in their business.

Leep’s innovative approach to product development has given us ample opportunities to flex our food packaging muscles! Their core product line focuses on fresh Lion’s Mane, Blue Oyster and Shiitake Mushrooms. In 2021, they launched two new product lines with 4 SKUs. First, a Chicken Sausage blended with their Organic mushrooms, and a Blended Burger: Angus Beef + Organic Mushrooms. We worked closely with Leep and their copacking partners to create packaging that was cost effective, easy on the production team, and would hold up in a deep freeze. Most importantly, we ensured the graphics and claims on the packaging were in accordance with USDA regulations.

To support Leep’s marketing needs, we’ve created and continually maintain their website, manage their social media channels, write thought leadership and blog content for them, and continually provide their sales team with any needed tools.

Leep Foods website
Leep Foods mushroom sell sheets retailers Tops

Grow NY 2020: How Leep Foods won $250,000

With a confident new marketing strategy, Leep Foods won 3rd place in the international Grow-NY Food and Agriculture Competition in 2020. To prepare for the competition, we worked closely with Leep to develop a clear story, define key opportunities, and communicate strategies for the future. With a custom-designed pitch deck and presentation training, we helped Leep Foods shine to the judges and win $250,000!

Leep Foods Grow-NY Winner


The Leep Foods Chicken Sausage packaging received an Honorable Mention from the Hermes Creative Awards.

A true strategic marketing partner

Agency 29 has been a true strategic marketing partner for us in Grow-NY. They absolutely understand where we are going in the future and what our customers want. The result is their ability to help drive growth and reach new markets by capturing our brand and making smart marketing come alive through integrated and creative tactics. Jeff Adair, CEO, Leep Foods